The Cancer Nutrition Consortium

The Cancer Nutrition Consortium helps improve the food and nutrition experience for people going through cancer treatment, and recovery. We assembled the experts in medicine, nutrition, culinary and healthcare to provide groundbreaking research, helpful recipes and resources including insightful articles and newsletters.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Each purchase enables us help more people get through cancer treatment. We also welcome donations to support the cause.

Your Purchase Helps

The CNC is an all volunteer organization, and we know how important it is to help people get through cancer treatment. In addition to purchasing specially designed nutritional products, your purchase will help the Cancer Nutrition Consortium to continue to provide the following to cancer patients and survivors.

Fund the first Cancer Nutrition Awareness Day!

We’re organizing the first-of-its-kind Cancer Nutrition Awareness Day with a major cancer center in Boston! We’re organizing patient seminars, cooking and nutrition demos and issue forums for a full day of education, awareness and inspiration.

Groundbreaking Research Studies

We are nearing the homestretch of two groundbreaking research studies that will advance our understanding of nutrition and cancer treatment. Help us the final phases completed.

Help Fund Nutrition Care Packs for those in Need

We’re providing healthy, tasty nutrition care packages to patients undergoing cancer treatment.  To date, we’ve sent more than 900 care packs to people working to get through treatment or recovery. Each $40 enables us to help another person in need, including 2-3 days worth of protein shakes, ready-to-eat meals and whey protein powder.

The Cancer Nutrition Consortium Seal of Approval is given to those products that meet the guidelines created using extensive research conducted by the consortium.

Our partnership with Hormel Health Labs

Getting the proper nutrition while undergoing cancer treatment can be tough.

The Hormel Vital Cuisine™ product line was specially designed in partnership with Hormel Health Labs for those people who are undergoing cancer treatment and need nutritional support. Each product was formulated with taste and nutrition in mind by culinary experts and food scientists at Hormel Foods and experts from the Cancer Nutrition Consortium.